About Synthesis Cultural Festival

Synthesis Cultural Festival in Hirosaki University is held at Bunkyo campus every fall. This is one of the greatest school festivals in Aomori prefecture by teachers and students. About 8,500 people came here last year. Synthesis Cultural Festival is more and more enthusiastic every year. It will be the 64th festival this year. There are a lot of events and stalls by departments and clubs on campus. We're looking forward to seeing you!


There are five events in Synthesis Cultural Festival. "Zengaku(the whole university) event", "Scientific Cultural Festival", "Official Event", "Events by the departments", "Refreshment booths and Exhibition"

Zengaku(the whole university) event

"Opening Festival", "Final Festival", "Yosakoi Hirodai", "Exhibition by university staff", "Fireworks"

Scientific Cultural Festival

Programs are held by university staff. "Open lectures to citizens", "Presentation and exhibition about research"

Official Event

Programs are held by students. "Mr. & Ms. Hirosaki University", "Performance", "Big Lottery"

Events by the departments

There are five events by each department. "Education", "Medicine", "Science and technology", "Harvest festival (Agriculture and Life Science)", "Humanities"

Refreshment booths and Exhibition

Groups participating on campus open indoor and outdoor booths.